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PHYSIQ™ SPIRITS officially launches in the fall of 2016 and out of the international destination of Miami, Florida. We have dedicated more than two years to market research and product development to ensure the most refined and exceptional vodka.

Our vision is to introduce the smoothest, most distinct and creative vodka brand with flavors the industry has not yet experienced or tasted on this level of quality. There is a substantial difference in PHYSIQ™ being so much more than a vodka product, but a way of thinking and living. To 'Pour Luxury' is a new approach in enjoying spirits.

The gorgeous white bottle was carefully chosen and inspired by Miami's chic lifestyle. The white bottle also exemplifies purity, balance, and all-natural ingredients. The clean but velvety texture of our vodka is distilled 6 times from organic grapes and infused with natural Alkaline water making it the creme de la creme of vodkas.

We pride ourselves on being trendsetters and game changers while taking the extra time to differentiate our brand from any other on the planet. We will continue to create and offer new products that will surely satisfy the health conscious consumer and many more.

Giving back and promoting a lifestyle of balance and excellence is our mission and will continue  to drive our core values as a company. To receive information on new launches, events/sponsorships and other exciting industry accomplishments please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

Our commitment is not just one sided, but we are dedicated on many levels to the integrity of our processes, ingredients, products, and business practices. PHYSIQ™ SPIRITS strives to provide the finest organic, all-natural ingredients to offer exceptional flavor but also super fruits, herbs, water and vodka that you can feel good about. We go the extra mile to ensure the organic grapes, the natural Alkaline water and other ingredients are sourced properly and hand selected. We are involved in all stages of our small batch, hand crafted spirits.

PHYSIQ™ is committed to implementing best practices for our distillation and filtering processes with our partner Citrus Distillers out of Riviera Beach. Our vodka is distilled from organic domestic grapes from California, and we only use the “heart” of the final vodka formulation. PHYSIQ™ is distilled 6 times and filtered through our innovative ultra-nano filtration system which removes 99.999% of all impurities. We also have a secret ingredient that rounds out our distinct flavor to give that ultra-smooth, velvety texture and clean finish. Each unique flavor that PHYSIQ™ launches will surely blow you away with taste, choice of fruits and herbs, and using wildly different concocted blends from around the world.

We are also very committed to our customer service, business conduct, customer satisfaction, and our philanthropic initiatives. The Team at PHYSIQ™ is ready and willing to make sure you are experiencing the finest product we can offer, delivering excellent customer service and care, while giving back to our communities and those in need. We are truly committed to our lifestyle brand and to experiencing our best life. Cheers!


The PHYSIQ™ SPIRITS Collection is tastefully and carefully selected based on innovative ideas relating to flavor, ingredients, quality, distinction and customer satisfaction. Each and every flavor formulation PHYSIQ™ introduces will be distilled at the highest level of integrity and using only the finest natural ingredients from around the world to bring you the ultimate unique vodka experience. Our lineup is sure to please any sophisticated palate for any occasion.

PHYSIQ™ Signature is the classic, quintessential staple of our collection delivering a smooth texture and clean finish that can easily be enjoyed neat or over ice. Distilled 6 times from organic grapes and our special secret ingredient to round out the flavor, our Signature Vodka is deliciously and uniquely satisfying.

PHYSIQ™ Signature can be added to any mixer of your choice, blended in a smoothie, soaked in your favorite fruit, or even infused with champagne. It is truly a classic and very versatile for any vodka or wine connoisseur.

Stay tuned for more. We have 7 additional vodkas already in the works, as we source and hand select our international ingredients. We are patiently excited to reveal each flavor to you one at a time so you can relish in its fine taste while anxiously awaiting our next arrival.

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