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May 2018

Consumers are more engaged now than ever before about food, ingredients, nutritional facts, and labels. Not only are they keenly aware, but they are actively searching for better alternatives. It is a fact and a roaring movement that restaurants, grocery stores, company brand strategies and

The PHYSIQ lifestyle is to live in excellence and celebrate life. Our lifestyle encompasses health, well-being, balance, hard work, reward, discipline, goodwill and achievement. It is no easy feat to arrive at living in the lap of luxury but anyone can obtain it. We all strive

The soft, velvety, smooth texture of PHYSIQ VODKA is one of a kind and distinct. Luxury is to indulge and to experience the finer things in life. Our vodka is truly transcendent and divine in flavor. When you think of pouring your favorite cocktail, you

How to Balance Your pH and Enjoy Optimum Health Eating too much of certain foods and too little of others can affect the acid-alkaline balance in your system, causing a myriad of problems. Sugar, gluten, dairy, coffee, meat, soda, and artificial sweeteners are the worst offenders.