Pour Luxury, celebrate, and be well.  Explore our unique lifestyle as well as important facts on balancing life.

Consumers are more engaged now than ever before about food, ingredients, nutritional facts, and labels. Not only are they keenly aware, but they are actively searching for better alternatives. It is a fact and a roaring movement that restaurants, grocery stores, company brand strategies and marketing are dedicating much more time, money and emphasis on health and wellness.

National food chains are offering their customers new products eliminating preservatives, additives and artificial flavorings while delivering natural, non-GMO and organic options. Restaurants are now creating a low-calorie menu assortment and using a long list of fresh healthy ingredients.

It’s not just the food, but also in the beverages we drink including alcohol. Having alternative options is becoming more appealing for the masses and many consumers are fascinated that vodka can be distilled from grapes. Grapes are naturally gluten free so this provides additional selection for those wanting to stay away from wheat products and attracts a broader audience of spirit lovers who are attracted to having a more sustainable product.

PHYSIQ delivers an exceptionally smooth vodka crafted especially for you while promoting balance. We all want to indulge and celebrate, but we also know that moderation is key. What we put into our bodies dictates how we feel physically and mentally. Giving the consumer empowerment to have more choices allows us to enjoy life responsibly and health consciously.


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LIVE WITH BALANCE Learn more about living a balanced lifestyle from pins that we love PHYSIQ LIFESTYLE PINS [the_grid name="Pinterest"] #physiqspirits   PHYSIQ® Vodka, The Leaf Logo Design and Pour Luxury are all registered trademarks and owned by...

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The PHYSIQ lifestyle is to live in excellence and celebrate life. Our lifestyle encompasses health, well-being, balance, hard work, reward, discipline, goodwill and achievement. It is no easy feat to arrive at living in the lap of luxury but anyone can obtain it. We...

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Pour Luxury

POUR LUXURY   EXPERIENCE & MINDSET The soft, velvety, smooth texture of PHYSIQ VODKA is one of a kind and distinct. Luxury is to indulge and to experience the finer things in life. Our vodka is truly transcendent and divine in flavor. When you...

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