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The PHYSIQ spirits collection is tastefully and carefully chosen based on innovative ideas relating to flavor, ingredients, quality, distinction and customer satisfaction. Each and every flavor formulation PHYSIQ introduces will be distilled at the highest level of filtration and using only the finest natural ingredients from around the world to bring you the ultimate vodka experience.

PHYSIQ Signature is the quintessential staple of the collection delivering a smooth texture and clean finish that can easily be enjoyed neat or over ice. PHYSIQ Signature is delicious blended in a smoothie, soaked in your favorite fruit, infused with champagne, or enjoyed with sparkling water. It is truly a new classic and very versatile for any vodka or wine connoisseur.

Each unique flavor that PHYSIQ launches will surely blow you away with fascinating tastes, choice of fruits and herbs, and wildly different concocted blends from around the world. Our selection of healthier ingredients is to bring a better alternative to those who care about what goes into their bodies but still want to enjoy life by drinking a cocktail.

Additional vodka flavors are already in development, while international ingredients are flown in and hand selected. We are patiently excited to reveal each flavor to you one at a time so you can relish in its fine taste while anxiously awaiting our next arrival.