How should PHYSIQ® be prepared?

PHYSIQ® can be prepared and enjoyed on the rocks. You can also choose your favorite alkaline water as well as sparking water to mix with PHYSIQ®. For more drink options, be sure to visit PHYSIQ® Taste.

Does drinking PHYSIQ® provide any health benefits?

PHYSIQ® is an alcoholic beverage, which means there are no health benefits. Although our brand promotes a lifestyle of enjoying life responsibly and health consiously.

Does PHYSIQ® have fewer calories than other vodkas?

PHYSIQ® has less calories as well as better ingredients than other vodkas. We pride ourselves on being truly authentic while encorporating a lifestyle of luxury and balance.

Does PHYSIQ® have a give-back program?

PHYSIQ® is involved in giving back as well as volunteering with selected non-profit organizations. For more information, please conatact us at info@physiqlife.com

Why choose PHYSIQ®

PHYSIQ® is the first brand to truly encorporate a lifestyle of luxury and living with balance. We are also the first to present an innovative collection of spirits and beverages that the world has yet to experience.

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