Health consciousness meets luxury in the spirit & beverage industry.

Business Summary:

Are you a health conscious consumer who loves to celebrate and enjoy life?  PHYSIQ® vodka is the answer.  We have created a distinctly unique vodka distilled from domestic grapes and made with alkaline water. The first alkaline water vodka of its kind to increase the pH level of the spirit and deliver a more hydrating experience. We plan to grow this company and brand to be an international sensation for the discerning, sophisticated, and health conscious consumers seeking quality ingredients.


Customer Problem: Several years ago we discovered there was a big gap in the spirit industry, lacking in products that spoke directly to consumers who care about everything they eat and drink because they live a healthy lifestyle but still choose to drink alcoholic beverages and celebrate life. Specifically, our spirit of choice is vodka and when we strolled up and down many aisles of more than 50 liquor stores, we were not impressed from a taste, ingredient or design standpoint. This led to the inception of PHYSIQ® vodka.


Target Market: athletes of any kind, millennial generation, and luxury buyers

Mass Market: appeal to all generations, consumers looking for a clean and smooth vodka (not the wheat “burn” after taste), and those who desire fresh ingredients and concerned with calories, sugar, gluten intake.


Business model: currently selling and distributing in the south Florida (USA) markets from South Beach Miami to Palm Beach Gardens, we have slowly grown a following of loyal customers. Literally converting vodka connoisseurs from top – major brands to our handcrafted vodka has been extremely rewarding. We are now pushing and wanting to scale, grow and distribute faster and wider domestically while we still have a competitive edge in the marketplace. Many brands are spending millions of dollars rebranding and even changing formulations to try and keep up with what the consumers want worldwide.


Competitors: Ketel One Botanical®, Lean® vodka, and Absolut Juice®

Competitive advantage: strong name, strong bottle design, exceptional taste, and distillation from grapes and made with alkaline water which puts our spirit at a 8+pH.

We created and invented PHYSIQ vodka years before discovering these major brands were reinventing their marketing campaigns and products to target the health conscious consumer.


Ownership & Management: The founder and majority owner of PHYSIQ SPIRITS is the creative mind behind the brand literally designing the bottle, developing the company’s website and doing all of the marketing to date. The partner of the business has tremendous sales and operations experience literally opening every account to date, selling every case one by one and conducting tasting events in south FL. We are excited and eager to expose this beautiful product to the world and have everyone over 21 “Pouring Luxury®”.


Sales/Marketing Plans: We have built in several projections and plans to add skus for unique flavored vodkas using exotic fruits and herbs that are different than the average flavored vodka, remaining authentic to our branding and offering “healthier” choices to our customers. We also have a LUX EDITION design in our planning to introduce our vodka at 80 proof to answer the requests of our customers. Adding our own water line up of PHYSIQ alkaline waters, sparkling waters, kombuchas, and low calorie beverage mixers are in the plans as well.


PHYSIQ is a lifestyle brand that will quickly be known for its “all white Pour Luxury” events showcasing the chic Miami lifestyle. Our yacht parties and extravagant galas, as well as sponsorships for charities and “give back” programs will delight the masses and bring an elegance everywhere our gorgeous white bottle is placed. We will have illuminated displays making the bottle look like exquisite art, sexy swag and collateral offering free gift with purchase for tasting events, and even volume purchase order incentives to include our own signature “Pour Luxury” glass and bar-ware.


The vision of all that PHYSIQ can become is bold, massive, ambitious, creative and innovative!


PHYSIQ® Vodka, The Leaf Logo Design and Pour Luxury are all registered trademarks and owned by PHYSIQ LLC.



Information provided by (PHYSIQ, LLC) does not intend to imply that alcoholic beverages provide any health benefits.