The PHYSIQ lifestyle is to live in excellence and celebrate life. Our lifestyle encompasses health, well-being, balance, hard work, reward, discipline, goodwill and achievement.

It is no easy feat to arrive at living in the lap of luxury but anyone can obtain it. We all strive for the same core virtues of love, good fortune, good health, and purpose. Creating healthy habits and making good decisions each day will accumulate and lead to success in all aspects of your life. From the food and drink we put into our bodies, to our fitness routines, to the company we keep, to the ethics in which we conduct business, to the character that makes up who we are – we have choices. You can choose to follow your dreams and make them a reality. You can choose to make a difference in a positive way.

The PHYSIQ LIFESTYLE is intended to connect people, make memories and share in fellowship whether yachting off the coast of Miami, in a chic lounge in LA, poolside at an exotic resort, dining at your favorite restaurant, or with family and friends in your own home.

Millions of us from all over the world come together to toast and raise a glass with our favorite drink. We all deserve to be happy, to be free, to laugh, to play, to acquire, to dream, to travel, and to live our best life. Although, you have to work hard and create the life you want. Our goal is to build a culture for those who believe in these philosophies and want to share with like-minded people. Excellence at its finest.



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Pour Luxury

POUR LUXURY   EXPERIENCE & MINDSET The soft, velvety, smooth texture of PHYSIQ VODKA is one of a kind and distinct. Luxury is to indulge and to experience the finer things in life. Our vodka is truly transcendent and divine in flavor. When you...

Balanced Living

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ALKALINITY Connect with us on social media • Pour Luxury with us at local events How to Balance Your pH and Enjoy Optimum Health Eating too much of certain foods and too little of others can affect the acid-alkaline balance in your system, causing a myriad of...


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