Pour Luxury®

Taste & Experience Innovation at its finest

The soft, velvety, smooth texture of PHYSIQ VODKA is one of a kind and distinct. Luxury is to indulge and to experience the finer things in life. Our vodka is truly transcendent and divine in flavor. When you think of pouring your favorite cocktail, you want to taste the delicate but noticeable components that make up your beverage of choice. Our goal was to create a vodka so exceptional it would drink easily poured over ice. As soon as you pop the cork top, you will anxiously await the first sip of luxury in a glass.

Any occasion can be made fabulous by adding PHYSIQ to the mix. It’s the perfect option for your next All-White Party extravaganza. Your friends will know and trust your taste and selection. When it is time to unwind, relax, celebrate and be festive – you can get the PHYSIQ VODKA flowing to pamper yourself and feel amazing. Share in the optimal vodka experience and pour luxury.

Enjoy life responsibly and health consciously