Introducing PHYSIQ Alkaline Spirit, produced in Florida and established in the international destination of Miami. We have dedicated years to perfecting our product formulation and design to ensure the most refined and exceptional experience. With steadfast patience, our vision has always been to introduce the smoothest, most distinct and creative spirit brand with flavors the industry has not yet seen or tasted on this level of quality. There is a substantial difference in PHYSIQ being so much more than a spirit product, but a way of living and celebrating life. To “Pour Luxury” is a new approach in enjoying spirits. The gorgeous white bottle was thoughtfully selected and inspired by Miami’s chic lifestyle. The white bottle also exemplifies purity, balance, and natural ingredients. PHYSIQ is distilled from premium chardonnay grapes and made with high pH alkaline water making it the crème de la crème of spirits. We pride ourselves on being trendsetters and game changers while taking the extra time to differentiate our brand from any other on the planet. We will continue to create and offer new products that will surely satisfy the mindful consumers and many more. Promoting a lifestyle of balance and excellence is our mission and will continue to drive our core values as a company. To receive information on new launches, events, sponsorships, and other exciting industry accomplishments please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.


Our commitment is not just one sided, but we are dedicated on many levels to the integrity of our processes, products, and business practices. We strive to provide the finest premium, all-natural ingredients including super fruits, herbs, and pure alkaline water with a pH level of 9+ to deliver exceptional flavor and a clean taste. We are involved in all stages of developing our hand-crafted spirits to ensure ingredients are carefully chosen and sourced properly with quality control and attention to detail. PHYSIQ is committed to high quality procedures for the distillation and filtration processes with our partner St. Petersburg Distillery. Our vodka is distilled from premium chardonnay grapes and crafted at a pH level of 9.2 which creates a perfectly balanced and distinctly unique spirit. Our proprietary blend was made with passion and care, great attention to detail and an innovative thought process. PHYSIQ vodka is naturally gluten free for all to enjoy. We are also very committed to our customer service, customer satisfaction, and our philanthropic initiatives by giving back. Cheers to living our best life!